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Proxy Services

In order to help you protect your privacy, JTAN now offers a high speed proxy server for use by JTAN customers. Currently, we have four WWW proxies: two anonymizing, one transparent and one somewhere in the middle. Two of the proxies make use of Tor. We also have individual Instant psyBNC Bouncers, which are a form of IRC proxy that can be individually configured. Other proxies are in the works. The WWW proxy is great for anonymous surfing. It will disguise your IP address, hide your browser type, and remove considerable identifying information from your web activity (not to mention remove many annoying advertisements). If you use our proxy and properly configure your browser, you can surf the web anonymously as part of the "JTAN crowd".

Basic Instructions for the WWW Proxy

Some of our proxies allow direct connections (e.g. the psyBNC Instant Bouncer) but most other proxies require you to be on the JTAN network first. In that case there are two basic steps:
  1. Tunnel To the JTAN Network
  2. Connect to a Service Proxy
When you connect to JTAN through the Internet, you will need to tunnel first to a JTAN address to be allowed to use the proxy.

Instructions for tunneling to JTAN

Once you have tunneled to JTAN, you can use the WWW proxy or other services that require you to be on the JTAN nework (e.g. usenet news).

Instructions for direct WWW proxy access

If you really want to surf anonymously, in addition to using the WWW proxy, it's advisable to turn off cookies, redirection, and Java-Script support in your browser. Java-script is used to generate those annoying "pop-up" windows and cookies can be abused. Unfortunately, with proxy access, no javascript and no cookies, some sites will refuse to work or may display incorrectly. It's sad that some sites force you to risk your privacy to visit them. Fortunately, some browsers (e.g. Firefox, Opera) allow you to make exception lists for sites you trust, allowing cookies and un-proxied access for those sites. There is also an extension for the Firefox browser that turns many of these harmful elements off for you - see the NoScrirpt Extension

Using our proxy can give you the valuable freedom to visit sites you might normally avoid. With freedom comes responsibility. Understand that JTAN is providing this proxy to allow good people the freedom to protect their privacy, not to allow bad people escape responsibility for their actions. JTAN has never, nor will JTAN ever sell our customer's private information to marketers or other companies, but in the case of crime and network abuse, we always cooperate with law enforcement and other ISP's. If you do evil and aren't caught, it's still evil. Please be good.

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