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Paying Your Bill at JTAN

This document summarizes what you need to know in order to pay JTAN for products and services. It covers both traditional methods of payment (Cash, check, or MO) as well as online methods. For full billing and payment terms and conditions, refer to our full policy.


Invoices are normally sent by email to the billing contact listed in the Members Area. If you want paper invoices, you can select that option under Billing Preferences in the Members area. Our payment terms are typically Net 15.

Billing Questions

Your account transactions are shown in the
Members Area. If you have any questions about your account records, or other billing questions, please contact us.

Thank you for your continuing support. If there is ever any way we can make your JTAN account better, please let us know.

Traditional Payments

Pay By Cash, Check, or Money Order

You can prepare cash, check, or money order in US funds made payable to "JTAN" and mail, courier, armored car, or otherwise deliver it to

Be sure to include your account user name, domain, invoice or order number with the payment so we can properly credit it to you. If you use a Money Order, in the USA we suggest US Postal Money Orders, which are available for a tiny fee at your nearby Post Office.

Online Payments

Pay By Bitcoin

Click Here to Pay Online Now!

Bitcoin is an electronic currency that has become popular recently. It's a fast and relatively secure way to pay for things. To use it, you need a "wallet" program to store your coin. Wallets are available here for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

To show our support for this exciting new electronic currency, we are typically accepting payment for all JTAN accounts and services at an exchange rate based on a recent market price of BTC relative to USD.. The Bitcoin market can be volatile. Please contact us if you have questions about rates. Bitcoin prices can change quickly, so we can't hold a quote price open for very long.

To buy a new JTAN account or service with Bitcoin, select the "Pay by Bitcoin" option in the signup pages. You will be issued a private bitcoin address to send payment. Send the quoted amount. If you pay with Bitcoin, you can receive your passwords online along with instant account activation.

Existing customers can pay invoices with bitcoin at the current exchange rate. Follow the Bitcoin link in the members area for quotes and a private payment addresses.

Existing customers should also set a refund address in the members area, in case any payment needs to be refunded.

There are no refunds for lost or forgotten passwords.

Pay By Paypal

Click Here to Pay Online Now!

If you have a PAYPAL.COM account you can send electronic payment to the address "paypal@jtan.com". We are a Verified Business Member of Paypal.com and payment can be made with no fee to you. Be sure to include your account user name and domain in the PayPal payment comments. Note for new accounts: Your PayPal account must be verified and you must include a confirmed shipping address with the payment. PayPal rules require that we ship our "product" (your passwords) to your Confirmed PayPal shipping address. If your account is unverified, or you do not include an address, we will be forced to refund your payment.

Pay By Credit Card

Click Here to Pay Online Now!

You may pay us direct with a credit card through the JTAN web site Members Area. Connect to https://www.jtan.com/members. Select the option "Pay your Bill" and pay online with Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Discover or JCB. While you are in the Members Area, you can set your billing preferences so that we automatically bill your credit card when necessary.

Alternatively, the PayPal system allows you to conveniently pay with a credit card or bank draft.

Note for new accounts: Because credit card fraud is so common, if you pay with a credit card, we must physically ship your passwords to the billing address of the credit card. This can take time. If you'd like your account set up instantly, please use Bitcoin or send us some other cash equivalent. In addition, for cardholder protection we can only accept Credit Cards issued to US addresses. For existing accounts, we relax this rules, so once you establish credit with us you can use your credit card more freely.

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