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Privacy Services at JTAN

We believe that good people have a right to protect their privacy. Everywhere you go on the net, marketers try to snitch information from you so they can spam you, telemarket you, or otherwise try to sell you their product – or sell you as their product! More sinister are the identity thieves, extortionists, and kidnappers that use the web as a way to find their targets. And then you have those bosses that like to snoop on their employees web browsing habits, not to mention your curious neighbor down the street.

The Many Ways JTAN Makes You Invisible

The following privacy enhancing services are FREE with any JTAN ProShell or ProWeb account:
  1. Web Proxy -- The JTAN Web Proxy can hide your identity while you surf. With a properly configured browser, you can visit web sites as part of the "JTAN crowd". Our web proxy is a "double blind" proxy that doesn't know your IP address, and does no logging. We implement this with a squid cache with an optional Privoxy ad blocker mode. In some cases, because of the caching and compression capabilities, your browsing can be faster through the proxy than direct.
  2. Tor Proxy -- The JTAN anonymizing proxy explained above is also available in front of a proxy to the Tor network. You can also tunnel (see below) to the JTAN network and access Tor directly if you so desire. More details and help can be found on our proxy and tunneling page.
  3. SSH Tunneling -- A JTAN account along with a free SSH client for your PC can give you the ability to tunnel individual network services like web surfing, email, newsreading, and more to the JTAN LAN where you become an anonymous part of the crowd.
  4. VPN Tunneling -- A VPN tunnel, using OpenVPN can make your PC feel like its directly connected to the JTAN network, giving you full access to the internet through all network services while disguising your point of origin.
  5. Firewall Tricks -- We provide SSH access on unorthodox ports like that are often not blocked or proxied by firewalls. And there are many firewall puncture tricks you can play with background processes or cron jobs running from your shell.
  6. Java SSH Client -- Many users may be unable to install software on the PC they are using. We have a JAVA based SSH client here that allows you to connect to your shell with SSH using any Java capable browser, like Netscape or MSIE.
  7. Anonymous Signup and Payment If you pay JTAN with a Money Order, or cash, electronic cash systems like BitCoin we don't need to know who you are. Payments with Credit Cards or Paypal requires merchants to do address verification of customers. To help you maintain your privacy, we accept cash and bitcoin, superior private alternatives to Credit Cards and Paypal.
  8. GnuPG/PGP Key Signing -- With a PGP Key, you can prove who you are without revealing personal information. JTAN will sign your PGP or GnuPG key indicating you have an account in good standing with us, but otherwise revealing no other information about you. This can be useful for you establishing trust with others based on their trust of JTAN.
  9. Secure Email -- JTAN provides numerous ways to secure your email from snooping. From our SSL protected webmail client, to the long list of secure protocols we support (e.g. POPS, IMAPS, SMTP/Auth...), JTAN gives you the tools you need to keep your email secure.
  10. The Power of Unix -- Fewer hosting providers give user's access to unrestricted unix shells any more. JTAN is different. Our ProShell or ProWeb shells are full privilege accounts on full installations of standard Unix Operating Systems, like OpenBSD, Linux, and Solaris. Multiple shells on different machines are included with no extra charge with gcc, cron, and background process capability.
  11. Private Information -- JTAN will never sell private personal information to marketers or other third parties. Our privacy statement makes this clear.
JTAN provides these tools for good people to go about their lives without being logged and tagged. We let you reach the parts of the net that you want to reach without fear. Although we cannot guarantee your privacy, we certainly can assist your attempts to shield yourself from scrutiny and logging.

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