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General ProShell Account Info

Be sure to read our Policy FAQ and Fine Print.

How do I access my ProShell Account?

There are several ways to access your account. The Secure Members Area allows you to access your ProShell account from any web browser. Simple menus guide you through everything.

If you use SSH in to the host home.jtan.com, you will end up at a text mode shell prompt. This is best for folks that like the lean and mean unix shell environment better than a web based system. If you do access the shell prompt, we very much encourage you to use SSH rather than telnet as it has many security advantages. Please don't telnet to some other host and then SSH into our machine. That defeats the whole purpose.

Users that don't have internet access by some other means, can get dialup access to JTAN through our phone numbers.

What can I do with a Proshell account?

Lots of things. One really great thing is email messaging with sophisticated rules. Also, ProShell members are alotted unlimited space to host a Personal Web Page. Last, but not least, you get a real, full featured, professional unix shell account that can can download huge files and burn them on a CD, host web page CGI or SSI, run a BOT, serve a MUD, host a mailing list --- whatever your imagination can think of.

ProShell Policy and Fine Print

We only want responsible users that behave in a professional manner and are respectful of others. We do not tolerate any pranks or monkey business whatsoever. Any evedence of fraud or abuse, and your account is history. Got it?

In respect for the high level of responsible behaviour we expect from users, we trust our users and place few prior limits on what they can do. Our shell accounts run without quota limits, or process limits. We trust users to be reasonable and fair in their use of resources. When in doubt, ask.

In case that isn't clear enough, you can read our policy documents.

Several documents describe policy at JTAN. The Policy FAQ is a simple summary of the main policy points, prices, and account features. If you really want to know all the fine print, the Complete Policy is also online.

Another important document is our Privacy Statement in which we spell out privacy policy for JTAN. In short, our policy is this. If you have an account here, we need to know who you really are. No fake names, no BS. We screen applications carefully, so don't waste our time, OK?

However, once you have an account here, your personal information and activities are private to you and you alone. We share no data with marketers. We encourage the use of strong encryption in an attempt to secure privacy. We do monitor our systems, of course, but only to detect violations of the law or violations of our acceptable use policy as spelled out in our fine print .

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