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Load the JTAN Certificate Authority Key

For your browser to be able to properly check and accept JTAN certificates, you need to load the root JTAN CA Key into your browser. This only takes a few seconds and can be done simply by clicking below. This will help you to connect securely to WWW servers certified by JTAN. You must have MSIE 3.02+ or Netscape Navigator 3.0+ to load our CA key.

Note for MSIE users: After clicking on the link, MSIE may ask you if you wish to open or save the file. Select "Open" to install the certificate.

Click Here to Automagically Load
the JTAN Certifying Authority Key into your Browser

The latest JTAN CA key was minted 6 June 2016. It has the SHA1 fingerprint

If you would like to download our key in other formats, or to verify the validity of a key you believe to be the JTAN root CA key, please scrutinize and cross check the text version, or any of the following:

Other Important JTAN Keys

At JTAN we use PGP/GnuPG for general purpose signing and encrypting. Our public keys are on the servers. They are also available for inspection and download here.
Thank you for using the JTAN CA. Unlike many other supposedly "secure" Certificate Authorities, we prominently display our public keys for your perusal so you can check them directly. This is acknowledged by many to be the best to keep public keys secure: keep them public!


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